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When Ash Mistry trained as a biochemist he never imagined he would end up frying eggs for a living. A victim of the recession, Ash combined his professional knowledge of the ways in which food is synthesized and metabolized in the body with a love of fresh, wholesome food and turned it into a thriving business.

Ash’s original Eggelicious food outlet in Swindon’s tented market has been number one on Trip Advisor since 2012 Building on the phenomenal success of Eggelicious, October 2014 saw the opening of another successful addition to the Eggelicious family - E2 in Swindon’s Old Town. Though it should be noted that Ash’s food is about so much more than eggs!

Eggelicious is very much a family concern with Ash’s wife Sheela and their three children all contributing to the success of the business - both behind the scenes and front of house.

Eggs are a cracking good health food

In contrast to much received wisdom, eggs are an eggcellent food and, as well as being a great source of protein, can promote weight loss.

In a controlled randomized study 160 obese men and women were divided into two groups. Group 1 included two eggs in their breakfast. Group 2 ate a bagel for breakfast that had the same calorie content as the eggs. Each group ate their assigned breakfast daily for five days a week for eight weeks as part of a low-fat diet comprising 1000 fewer calories per week.

  • Blood tests taken from the egg eaters at the end of the trial period showed no difference in blood cholesterol and tri-glyceride levels confirming that egg consumption does not increase blood cholesterol.
  • Furthermore the egg-eating group lost almost twice as much weight - an average of 6Lbs in contrast to the 3Lbs lost by the bagel eaters. Additionally 83 percent of them enjoyed a greater decrease in their waist measurement and an improvement in energy levels.

(Information has been obtained from trial reference: Dhurander N, Vander Wal J, et al FASEB Journal)

Health Benefits of Eggs

A great source of protein.

Eggs are a good source of Protein and contains 80 micro nutrients including Vitamin A, D and B complexes, other micro-nutients are iodine, choline and iron

Only 80 calories in every medium-sized egg.

Can help with weight loss.

Latest research gives no limit on the number of eggs you can eat a day, eating 2/3 eggs will have no effect on total blood cholesterol.

Health Benefits of Garlic

    Helps prevent Heart disease.

    Helps reduce cholestrol.

    Reduces high blood pressure.

    Reduces risk of cancer.

    Helps treat colds as it increases the immune system.

Health Benefits of Chilli

    Acts as a relaxant.

    Helps clear congestion.

    Limits spread of prostate cancer.

    Lowers risk of stomach cancer.

    Lowers Cholestrol & reduces fibrin.